Welcome to the 2019 CCAA Men's Soccer Championship!

The CCAA Men's Soccer Championship has become a pinnacle showcase of outstanding soccer from the member institutions of the CCAA. Collegiate soccer has made tremendous strides in recent years, and is clearly evident by the quality of play exhibited at the previous national championships.

The host committee is looking to capture the same excitement and organization displayed in past hosting efforts here at Durham College. We are very proud to be hosting our 15th national championship in our school history. A highly committed host committee is dedicated to making this prestigious event memorable for all.

Ken Babcock
Président du tournoi
Durham College

Horaire et résultats
En direct


4 novembre 2019    
Toute jour Arrivée des équipes Hilton Garden Inn Ajax  
5 novembre 2019    
08:00 – 16:00 Séances d’entraînement Vaso's Field
17:30 - 18:00 Photos des équipes Ajax Convention Centre
18:30 Banquet de l'ACSC Ajax Convention Centre 
21:00 Réunion des entraîneurs Ajax Convention Centre  
6 novembre 2019    
10:00 Match 1 Vaso's Field
12:30 Match 2 Vaso's Field
15:00 Match 3 Vaso's Field
17:30 Match 4 Vaso's Field
7 novembre 2019    
10:00 Match 5 Vaso's Field
12:30 Match 6 Vaso's Field
15:00 Match 7 Vaso's Field
17:30 Match 8 Vaso's Field
8 novembre 2019    
10:00 Match 9 Vaso's Field
12:30 Match 10 Vaso's Field
13:00 Séances d’entraînement Vaso's Field
9 novembre 2019    
09:00 Match 11 Vaso's Field
11:30 Match 12 Vaso's Field
14:00 Match pour la médaille de bronze Vaso's Field
16:30 Match pour la médaille d’or Vaso's Field
18:30 Cérémonie de clôture Vaso's Field
10 novembre 2019    
Toute jour Départ des équipes Hilton Garden Inn Ajax